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Yuri A. Alexandrovsky, The Serbsky National Research Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry,
Lembit Ch. Allikmets, University of Tartu, Department of Pharmacology,
Irina P. Anochina,
Alexander Ya. Grinenko,
Uriel Halbreich, SUNY AB; World Psychiatric Assoc(WPA) section on Interdisciplinary Collaboration,
Filippo Drago, University of Catania,
Dirk H. Hellhammer, University of Trier,
Nicolay N. Ivanets,
Charles B. Nemeroff, Emory University School of Medicine,
Vasily E. Novikov, Smolensk State Medical Academy, Smolensk,
Rita U. Ostrovskaya, State Foundation Institute of Pharmacology (SF IPh RAMS),
Mark B. Plotnikov, Institute of Pharmacology, SD RAMS, Tomsk,
Viktor R. Veber,
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